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K1200LT vs K1600GTL vs prairie winds

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K1200LT vs K1600GTL vs prairie winds Empty K1200LT vs K1600GTL vs prairie winds

Post  JamesGoodchild on Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:15 pm

I've had an opportunity to ride both of these bikes in high winds front, aft and cross.

The K1200LT is a big, heavy bike with a massive front end. This provides an amazing amount of protection against the elements but also gives those same elements more to push against. This is offset somewhat by the weight of the bike which tends to keep it more planted.

The K1600GTL is also a big heavy bike, but compared to the K1200LT is it much more streamlined and lighter. This means the rider gets hit by more of the weather you are going through.

So which bike is better in the wind? Answer, it depends...

Heading straight into the wind, the K1200LT seems a bit better.
Crosswinds, I'd give the nod to the K1600GTL.
Aft wind, pretty much a wash.
Semis passing on the upwind side of a crosswind on a two lane, the nod goes to the K1600GTL.

Your own mileage may vary as I can be out of the windstream behind a windshield that is areodynamic. I've got some friends that stick out past the windshield so they might have different opinions on this.

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