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Post  JamesGoodchild on Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:03 pm

As you probably know by now, Indian has been acquired by Polaris, the makers of the Victory line of bikes. I was in Alsport and had occasion to ask them when they are getting one in. Apparently they aren't. Seems only 2 Victory dealers in Canada are authorized to sell the Indian, one in Toronto and one in Calgary.

Indian is on its fifth incarnation since they opened shop over a hundred years ago. The original brand lasted about 52 years. The owners that have followed have had some challenges. Bad timing, poor marketing etc have caused a couple to close the brand down only to see it resurrect a couple of years later with a new owner.

Where I'm going with this is it think Polaris is going to have some challenges with this distribution model. With the global economy still suffering this isn't the time in my mind to reduce your potential buyers of one of the most expensive motorcycles offered today. I don't know about the rest of you, but I like to visit a bike a few times before I put money down on it, especially if the bike commands a premium price. Having the bike somewhere nearby where I can come in, touch it and sell myself on the idea makes a difference to me. That's kind of hard to do if the closest seller is 8 hrs away.

The one good note from Alsport is they will be an authorized service dealer for Indian. Parts will not likely on hand however so service might take a while.

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