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Getting more room on your K1200LT

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Getting more room on your K1200LT Empty Getting more room on your K1200LT

Post  JamesGoodchild on Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:50 pm

If you ride with a passenger you can give them a bit more room on your K1200LT. It is a fairly simple mod. You will need a thin bladed screwdriver, a metric allen key set and someone to give you a hand holding the trunk.

1. Lift your seat on the bike
2. Unplug the wire harness that runs to the trunk. This is a twist barrel connector.
3. Open the trunk - have a friend hold the lid.
4. Unscrew the thumbscrew on the left side holding the retainer strap for the trunk lid. Make sure the lid is held.
5. Using a thin flat bladed screwdriver, slide it in the slots at the front of the trunk (two) and depress the plastic retainer
6. Lift the trunk liner out. The back portion is held in by velcro.
7. You will see 4 large screws in the bottom of the trunk.
8. Remove the 4 screws. You can now slide the trunk back about an inch.
9. Reverse the previous steps making sure you don't twist the retaining strap.

That's it - your passenger now has about an extra inch of room.

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